Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


The scar which I received when I decided to twist a pint glass into the side of my hand last year has started hurting again, and is slightly inflamed.
What gives?
Anyone else have problems with old scars?

In others news, slightly F**ked off today. Am having to work late (much later than usual) because of the workload partially caused due to reduced staff numbers today. I'm having to work on the website this evening. I usually start this about noon and it takes several hours.
So I'm here, at work, without any CDs as I wasn't expecting to be in after hours today. I remembered people talking about the enw Hitch-Hikers Radio Play on BBC Radio 4 which i thought would at least kill some time. Unfortunately I didn't realise it started at 6.30pm and so I finally found the station at 6.58 to hear the last couple fo lines and the credits.
I'm now stuck with crapital radio as I can't tune in to XFM at present due to some really bad jungle station creeping its frequency over it....
I'm not even going to put an emoticon on this post. I'll leave you guessing my mood......

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