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Unremitting Horror +

Played the first proper playtest session of 'Unremitting Horror' this evening. We'd already experienced one of the critters in our Freeport D&D game as </a></b></a>pond823  snuck one into an encounter (that almost left my PC dead...) but this was our first experience playing in the modern world.

First impressions were very positive. Tonights game, which </a></b></a>daver2323  ran himself, was really just a warm-up/get to know your characters type affair but everyone seems to have slipped into their roles pretty easily. I'll try and give a proper run down at some stage as it's pretty late atm, and I need to get some sleep. Congrats to </a></b></a>dave2323  and </a></b></a>cavalorn  though!!!

Now, a couple of quick news stories before bedtime...

Where are all the stars? Hubble's Deepest Shot Is A Puzzle (BBC News On-Line; Thursday 23rd September)

Guess we'll have to see if it's any good when the DVD comes out! BBC Pulls Controversial Popetown (BBC News On-Line; Thursday 23rd Septemebr)


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