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My Holiday Starts Here ....... Yeah, Right....

I am now officially on holiday. As of 6pm this evening I do not need to work again until Sunday.

Well, when I say I do not need to work again until Sunday I should really say I'm not working at leisure Games again until Sunday. Tomorrow I have a noon meeting in Reading with TableTop Games and then a 6pm meeting in South London to do with Dragonmeet. Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are pretty much filled up with Cubicle 7 work alongside some Dragonmeet bits and pieces.

Yes folks, I take holiday time so I can spend time working. That said, I've already accomplished quite a bit this evening and if I can keep the momentum going for most of this week I'll be very pleased. I also have a large in-tray of emails which I need to reply to. Sorry to those of you who may be residing there waiting for a reply. Been a bit busy recently (what with work and whatnot :p) but I'll be seriously denting it over the next 48-72 hours.

I'm actually working very little this month at the shop. I'm trying to use up the backlog of 'holiday time' I have before the beginning of December whilst still getting to work at least a couple of days a week so things keep ticking over and I prevent a backlog occuring for me when I return. As such next week I'm only working Sunday, Monday and Friday, and the same again the following week. The week after that I'm off to Essen on the Wednesday for work until Saturday. Being abroad never really seems too much like work - especially for gaming conventions/conferences because the nightlife usually more than makes up for having to walk around large warehouses all day :p

Beyond my plans for work I'm off to see Within Temptation at The Scala on Wednesday night. I've never heard them but apparently they are very good. They're Dutch and (apparently) in a similar vein to Evanescence. May also try and catch a movie or two if the possibility and time arises.

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