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More Ebay Auctions

Thanks to those of you who bidded on my last set of auctions. It was good to see some familiar names placing bids :p

Hopefully there'll be some more items that might interest you as I've just thrown up some more CD Singles and a few 7-inches. You can check them out on MY EBAY PAGE as usual. More things will be added over the next few days as I take advantage of having some holiday to both catch up with work at home and also clear things out/tidy up.

Oh, if anyone is interested in the following CD Singles they can be yours for 75p + postage (each). They'll be getting the ebay treatment shortly but you can have first dibs. Let me know if interested:

Morcheeba - Trigger Hippy

Moloko - Fun For Me (Promotional One-trcak CD Single) - Yours for 50p !

Moloko - Fun For Me (7 track single - loads of mixes!)

Moloko - Dominoid (5 tracks)


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