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Michael Moore Round Up

I thought I'd post some bits of Michael Moore trivia to do with the 9/11 film as I've overlooked it in recent months:

Fahrenheit 9/11 becomes the first Doctumentary in US History to make $1 million at the US Box Office. The previous record was set by Moore's Bowling For Columbine which took $21.6million. Fahrenheit 9/11 has also out sold any of the Disney films this year which is sweet justice after Disney refused to allow the film to originally be distrubuted. Moore Film Tops $100m Mark in US (BBC News On-Line; Monday 26th July 2004)

The Republican Party are looking to prosecute Michael Moore in a 'Vote Bribery Scandal'. He's been offering Noodles and Socks to Students to persuade them to vote - although he's not been telling them who to bote for! Moore in 'Noodles For Votes' Row (BBC On-Line News; Wednesday 6th October 2004)

Words from the frontline..... Moore Signs US Soldier Book Deal (BBC On-Line News; Thursday 19th August 2004)

Moore's DVD and Springsteens Anti-Bush Concert cause a stir... Pre-Election Release For 9/11 DVD (BBC On-Line News; Tuesday 17th August 2004)


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