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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Damn there eyes. I was hoping for at least an afternoon showing of Resident Evil: Apocalypse at the local multiplex..... Now my only local option is going to be crowded out evening viewings...:(

Not promising anything but any of the times below grab anyone for a Finchley Lido VUE Cinema trip:

Resident Evil Apocalypse (15)
Fri 19:00 21:30 00:10
Sat 19:00 21:30 00:10
Sun 19:00 21:30
Mon 19:00 21:30
Tue 19:00 21:30
Wed 19:00 21:30

I may very well be broadening my cinema options to Camden, Leicester Square, Finchley Road and Barnet in search of earlier performances.

PS - My cold is getting better which is good. Although after a quick trip to Tescos, the bank and work (had to pick up Ex:Machina and various bits of mail that had arrived during my absence) I have realised/remembered that one thing my cold doesn't like is climate change. Going from warm to cold to warm and back again is not good for my sneezing outbursts....

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