Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

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(Ebay) 7" Singles and CD Singles

I've just uploaded a whole bundle more CD Singles and 7" onto Ebay for those who may be interested. It's a mixed bunch featuring The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper (Poison no less!), White Zombie, Clawfinger, EMF, The 25th of May and Blaggers ITA (to name but a few). There's a whole load more due to go up too although I'm not sure if I'll be putting up more this afternoon....

I've also completed all of the paperwork for the last batch I sold and will be packaging them this weekend for shipping on Monday. I would have done it sooner but this bug has laid me out all week :(

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing what's there then please GO AND HAVE A LOOK!


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