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The damn neighbours are drilling the wall that seperates us. Damn it's loud. It's drowning out the tender tones of Depeche Mode! I hope they stop in the next half hour as I really don't want this going on for much longer!

Had a so-so day of productiveness. I've managed to get a load of things up on ebay which is good, did a few bits for both Dragonmeet and for Cubicle 7 which is also very good.

Unfortunately my cold seems to have reversed the previous trend of the last couple of days and become slightly stronger. My tongue feels like its slightly swollen and too big for my mouth. I also had a terrible nights sleep last night and even ended sleeping on the couch downstairs with a good book for company (China Mieville's Iron Council) so Sarah could have a hope of getting at least a few hours sleep without a restless tossing and turning Angus next to her! I hate having a cold.

I may actually try and go to the docs tomorrow. I'm desperately trying to convince myself its not a repeat of the Tonsillitis I had last year which took me over a month to shake!!!

I have a whole bundle of things to do tomorrow. I have to sort out some of the playtest groups (thanks to those people who mailed me - you haven't been forgotten just been ill or busy), talk to our US printers about the first book, talk to one of the US companies we have a license from (may do that tonight if my throat holds up), reply to a load of backlogged emails, 'TRY' and do a Cubicle 7 company update for the news groups and SLA lists, TRY and get more ifnormation for the website done, and the list goes on.....

No rest for the wicked. But hey, its all fun really..... isn't it?


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