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Neil Gaiman's "1602"

Anyone out there in LJ-land fancy owning the complete collection of Neil Gaiman's '1602' published by Marvel Comics? I have all eight issues and they are in mint condition.

The series is a very good read but I'm trying to cut down on the amount of actual comics I have and transferring my collection slowly into Graphic Novels as they are easier to store.

Some info about 1602:

**1602, an eight-issue miniseries debuting August 13, 2003, takes place in Europe at a time of great change. The Catholic Church's Inquisition is pursuing and rounding up "witchbreed", strange individuals with all sorts of unexplained abilities. Many of the witchbreed flee to the relative safety of England, where they are taken under the wing of Carlos Javier, an expatriate Spaniard with extraordinary abilities of his own. An elderly Queen Elizabeth sits on the throne of England - her ministers include Sir Nicholas Fury, her Minister of Intelligence, and Dr. Stephen Strange, her Court Physician and Magician. As issue #1 begins, Fury sends a blind Irish balladeer named Matthew Murdock to Europe to retrieve, from the last of the Templars, a mysterious item that may be either weapon or treasure. Unfortunately, this item has also come to the attention of Count Otto von Doom (also called The Handsome), ruler of Latveria.**

I'm happy to sell the complete series for £12.00 including postage.

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