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Chocolate and the 1974 Parliamentary Elections

Apart from work it's been a bit of an odd day.

Earlier I got very excited about starting up a Chocolate Review website. This, admittedly, happened after a quick stop at the Local Newsagents for refreshments so I think I can see the trigger to my plans.

There seems to be lots of 'Limited Editon' Chocolate bars coming out all the time at present. How is a connoisseur of fine chocolates suppossed to keep up I ask you??? My favourite 'speciality bar' at present is the Mars Delight - although I'd contest it has anything really to do with a regular Mars bar..... Anyway, back to my point, whilst in the Local Newsagents I spotted five (FIVE) new types of Kit-Kats (Kit Kat Editions Caramel; Kit Kat Editions Orange; Kit Kat Blood Orange; Kit Kat Luscious Lime and Kit Kat White Lemon and Yogurt - there is also apparently a Kit Kat Low Carb out there but I haven't spotted it yet!). Now five limited editions based around the same chocolate bar all available at the same time seems a little bit OTT to me. I brought a selection of fine chocolates (Kit Kat Blood Orange, a new Guylon Praline snack bar, Galaxy Hazlenut and something that I've completely forgotten about) and thought about forming a little site where people can try out different choclates and rate them. A community of choco-holics.

I even started researching it which is when I came across CHOCOLATE REVIEW, a UK based website which does exactly what I was thinking of doing and a whole lot more to boot! Great brains think alike and all that :-p

Anyway, enjoy the site and be dazzled at the complete emmersion into everything chocolate......

The other very odd thing I found myself doing was watching the 'Live Election Coverage' and results of the British 1974 General Election on the BBC Parliament Channel whilst eating dinner. Boy has the presentation of elections changed in the last 30 years! Oh, Labour won btw ;)


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