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My cash strapped month has just got slightly more so.
Just received my mobile phone bill and boy-o-boy does it look like I've been a naughty boy on the old blower. I've clocked up well over £100 on the mobile and that's with a really good tariff!!! F**k Me!
I'm just glad that I should be getting a few hundred quid back from someone I've subbed later this month.

My money situation is pissing me off at the moment. Mainly because it's state has nothing really to do with me. I'm too 'soft' I think when it comes to lending friends money to help them out. I'm going to have to stop dong that and get them to fend for themselves. I'm owed about £4000-5000 from various sources (and that's not including the investment I've made into Cubicle 7 so far) and I reckon I'll be lucky to see even half of my 'friendly loans' back.

It's October and it looks like another 'staying at home' month is going to be in order. I may escape for a couple of nights clubbing/gigging/restaurants/movies or maybe even (shock horror) drinking as I'll go completely stir-crazy if I don't. As much as I love my house, my flatmates and my (sometimes/maybe) girlfriend I still need that escape and that excitement away from all of those sometimes.

I really want to let loose at soempoint. Possibly need to. A good evening of sex, drugs and rock n roll is in order. With no strings.

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