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Nuclear Assets 'Vanish' in Iraq

Well the war in Iraq has already caused a worldwide upsurge in anti-American feeling (and unfortunately anti-Western feeling in many places) and helped promote Terrorism more than defuse it. Now it seems that the Iraq invasion may have also helped (or be helping) the quest for dirty bombs or nuclear technology by terrorists or 'rogue states'. The UN Nuclear Watchdog has issued a warning that they have not been supplied any data, as required, by the new Iraqi regeime on the state of the facilities nor have they been allowed access or freedom of movement to carry out inspections by the American-backed government. They have only had satelitte information to go by and they seem to show several installations have been dismantled and key equipment looted. Already parts have appeared for sale in foreign markers. So well done Bush and co, it looks like you are helping the terrorists gain those lovely WMD that you've been so keen to find yourselves and are managing to hinder the inspections that could tell you whats gone!

Nuclear Assets 'Vanish' In Iraq (BBC News On-LIne; Monday 11th October 2004)


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