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Drafts in the States

I've had various email and physical conversations today (thanks pond823 ) about the US Draft and it does seem to have a lot of people very worried in the States (as one commentator mentioned in an earlier thread of mine). I just wrote a massive post about the US Draft with loads of info and links and LJ just crashed it because I forgot to ammend the 24 hour time clock on the post! Joy!

Needless to say I'm not going to rewrite the whole damn post again, nor dazzle you all with a multitude of links.

If you want more info check out The Select Service System website as they will be in charge of any draft and also download/read The Military Select Service Act (2003) as that governs all aspects of the call-up, including how to avoid actual conflict.

In short the US Draft could be a very explosive issue if it is ever brought in to effect. Let's hope it's not.


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