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(News) Sex Crisis, The Beatles, Slimeballs, IndyMedia and more

The Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles are teaming up for a new show in Las Vegas to replace the Siegfried and Roy show at The Mirage. Now I've managed not to get round to seeing any shows on any of my trips to Vegas but I'd love to see the Cirque du Soleil and The Blue Man Group at somepoint. Beatles To Open Show In Las Vegas (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th October 2004).

...and the dabte rages on.... Mobile Phone 'Ear Turmours Risk' (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th October 2004)

Now as endorsements go I'd be proud at this one if I was Michael Moore.... Bush Sr Brands Moore 'Slimeball' (BBC News ONLine; Thursday 14th October 2004)

So, how many of you lot fall in this 10% I wonder? :p Promiscuous 10% 'Fuel Sex Crisis' (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th October 2004)

The seizure of Indymedia's servers hit a few peoples LJ's over the last week. Well.... FBI Returns Seized News Servers (BBC News OnLine; Thusrday 14th October 2004)

And finally, it could be an Islamic Christmas...... Cat Stevens Eyes Christmas No 1 (BBC News OnLIne; Thursday 14th October 2004)


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