Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

A rather good Thursday

Last post of the day as I have to get up really early tomorrow to make my Passport Office appointment in Victoria (sigh).

I am now armed with a host of passport pictures. My old passport has a very 'goth' Angus in it with black hair and my trademark tinted glasses (worn because I'm both short-sighted and have light sensitive eyes). They allowed me to have dark glasses on in my last passport but in todays climate I'm suspecting they'll not be wanting me wearing them on the new piccie. Still, I have photos with my glasses on and some (god awful) photos without my glasses. Boy am I glad I need to wear glasses :0 Even though I have 'the loviest blue eyes'.

Anyway, today has been good in many aspects. If all goes well I've now confirmed that I'll be getting a lovely new computer and funding for Cubicle 7 that isn't coming out of my own pocket. Which is good. As my pockets are only 'so' deep :p

I've also been discussing board and card game ideas all night which are all, generally, very positive and interesting.

In other good news my latest batch of ebay sales have done rather nicely. I am pleased and may treat myself when I transfer my PayPal account over. It should clear by the time I arrive in Germany next week. Yay!

Goodnight folks! Dream Carefully!

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