Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Check one Passport...

Right, I now have a shiny new passport to keep me travelling until 2014. They (as expected) wouldn't allow me a picture with my glasses on this time round so I have a god awful picture in it. Unlike my last very rock n roll passport this one is not going to get shown around.

I'm working tomorrow so there's no clubbing for me this evening. I'm actually going to head over to Sarah's to keep her company for a few hours as she's ill. Tomorrow night I think Sarah is still coming over here as I'm a lot closer to the bus station she needs to get her to Stanstead on Sunday morning as she's flying out to Holland for a week to meet up with her sister and one of her brothers. So no clubbing/pubbing for me on Saturday night either. Oh well, guess it'll still save me some cash which is never bad.

That's about it right now. Pretty dull LJ post I'm afraid. Sorry. I will be trying to do the relationship meme that's floating around though as it's fairly interesting. I'll see if I have time later on.

Have a great night for those of you who are heading out to party! Catch you all soon I hope!

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