Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

That relationship meme

name: Angus
sign: Taurus
in a relationship now (how long): yes. coming up to 5 months
how long since last serious relationship: before this one it was 21 months since the last serious one.
# of relationships longer than 3 months: 6
Serious relationships: 3
# of relationships shorter than a month: All of my proper girlfriends have lasted longer than a month. Anything less than a month was generally either a one/couple nights stand or an affair.
longest relationship how many months: 56 months straight with a few lapses after we split up for about the next six months.
ever lived with a girlfriend/boyfriend (how many): Yes. Two (Dawn and Delphine)
ever done the long distance thing: No. Well, not really. Melissa ended up going to University in Liverpool and we kept that going for about four months so I guess it might count.
do you have faith in long distance relationships: No.
do you date: I have been known to.
describe your typical date: Not sure if I have a typical date to be honest.
ever been on a blind date: yes
ever dated more than one person at a time: yes
do you call or get called: a bit of both.
ever have "friends with benefits": yes.
ever cheated: yes.
ever had your heart broken: yes.
ever been dumped: yes (mainly because of a couple of questions above!
do you put out the first night: have done.
last sexual episode: earlier this week.
do you kiss on the first date: probably.
what attracts you to a person: I know this sounds like a new-age 'hippie' cop-out but the first thing that I really notice is a persons 'aura'. This usually gives me a very good idea as to whethe or not it could work out. Beyond that I'd have to say intelligence, friendliness, sex appeal and that 'x-factor' that makes you click and end up chatting all night without realising the sun has come up!
physical traits you turn your head for: Faces and eyes. I also generally prefer my women short, slim and with small breasts.
ever been in love(how many times): That's such a hard question. I really, really cared for everyone I went out with and quite a few that never got that far or were brief encounters. I still do care a hell of a lot for all of my ex's (bar one) and am grateful that I've managed to remain on good terms with many of them. But when you are *really* in love you know it. Because they are truly everything and you really feel like you are going to die when it stops. Have I felt like that? Yes, once. Would I say I've been in love? Yes, twice. The problem is the second time round I had been so hurt the previous time I was in love that I held back alot and tried to keep my emotions more distant. Probably too distant.
say I love you even though you didn't mean it: yes
oldest person you've dated: 30 when I was 22.
youngest person you've dated: I'm not sure. Dating wise I think 18 when I was 24.
average age you get involved with: 22-24
have relationships changed you: to an extent. I've learnt to guard my feelings better.
have your relationships been worthwhile: yes. Every one brings something new.
where do you normally meet people for dating or relationships: I wish I knew.
what defines a girlfriend/boyfriend: two people who are 'seeing' each other romantically and wish to be described as such.
key to a successful relationship: common interests, good sex, a willingness to experiment, explore and learn.
best attribute you bring to a relationship: Ask someone I've been in a relationship with and see what they say.
worst attribute you bring to a relationship: As above :p
importance of relationships in your life: I find it very important to have a close relationship (even a close friend does the trick) so I have someone I can talk to and trust. Who I can help out when they are down and can laugh with when they are happy - and vice versa. I do not need to be in a sexual relationship though for this to work. Indeed if I was offered a world without sex or a world without music or books, I'd choose the world without sex. Good music or a good book can satisfy me a lot more than a good shag. Don't get me wrong here - I love sex and everything that entails - but I'd go crazy if I could never listen to a piece of music or read anotehr word again.

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