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Europe Calling...

This morning I took Sarah to the bus station so she could catch the bus up to Standstead Airport and then board a plane taking her to Amsterdam for a week. Her brother is visting from the States so she's going over to see him and also catch up with her sister and Dad who live in Amsterdam. She's coming back next Sunday.

Meanwhile, I'm flying out to Germany on Wednesday morning from Heathrow. My passport is renewed and my ticket is brought. I'll be flying back on Saturday morning so should be back home by Saturday early afternoon. Essen is great fun (I go to the games convention there) although it is very hectic. Putting aside the fact that the show gets about 150,000 visitors over its four days, I'm usually on my feet from when it opens at 10am to when the doors close at 6pm - and I have a lot of ground that I need to cover as I'm only there for two days (I don't bother staying on the Saturday or Sunday because it gets so crowded I can't speak or place orders with anyone). The evenings are usually a rollercoaster of meals, bars and parties or clubs. You "can't" imagine the exhaustion :p

God, sometimes I love my job....

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