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Cubicle 7 / SLA Industries October 2004 Newsletter


Station Analysis Report 3 – October 2004


Hi folks,


Welcome to the (long) overdue third Station Analysis Report. I must apologise for the very lengthy delay between the last report and this one. On one hand a lot has been happening and on the other very little of it has been report-worthy. I will endeavour to keep a regular stream of information coming through each month so you know where we are and what we’re up to. This will undoubtedly be helped with the launch of our mythical website.



In This Issue


1.      Dave Allsop

2.      Revised Release Schedule

3.      White Earth

4.      SLA Industries 2nd Edition

5.      Hunter Sheets: Issue One

6.      Cannibal Sector One

7.      Frankenstein Factory

8.      Mail Order Providers

9.      Competition Winners & Retailer Open Call

10.  Cubicle 7 Website

11.  Out of Print Titles

12.  Fan Lists & Forums

13.  On The Horizon/Farewell






Many of you will already know that Dave Allsop, the creator of SLA Industries and my partner in Cubicle 7 Entertainment, has stepped down as a director in both Cubicle 7 and Nightfall Games so he can pursue other ventures. This has caused a slight change in our production schedule as you can imagine.


Dave is still going to be working with Cubicle 7 on a freelance basis and is indeed currently working on one of our titles which will now be released in 2005. Dave will also be involved as the main consultant on SLA Industries 2nd Edition, of which more will be spoken about later in this newsletter. So fans of Dave’s work will be pleased to know that he’s presence will still be felt and you’ll even get to see his warped imagination at work in both the written word and artistically in future Cubicle 7 products – SLA Industries and beyond. Dave’s fans should also keep an eye out for the forthcoming ‘Book of Unremitting Horror’ by Pelgrane Press which was designed and illustrated by Dave and written by Adrian Bott. Dave also has an ongoing story arc called ‘The Ocean Game’ which he is writing on his Live Journal ( Adrian also has a Live Journal which can be found at


Everyone at Cubicle 7 Entertainment and Nightfall Games wishes Dave the best of luck in his future projects and I look forward to working with him in his freelance capacity for many years to come.






A combination of things have caused a revision to our previously announced release schedule. Even before Dave’s decision to step down from the day-to-day running of the company we were facing publication problems due to delays with two of our lay out artists. Both the lay out artists we were using for the first two products (Hunter Sheets Issue One and Cannibal Sector One) had ‘real-life’ situations which caused them to go way over the specified deadlines. These ‘real-life’ situations were through no fault of their own and I would hope to be able to use both again in the future when they have the time. As it is congratulations are in order to Jay Forster who is expecting his first child towards the end of this year. I’d also like to thank him for still managing to find the time to complete the Hunter Sheets Issue One project during a time that he had very little spare time available to him. The real casualty to our schedule was Cannibal Sector One as we lost our Editor and Lay Out Artist to unforeseen circumstances and have had to look elsewhere to complete this project.


The new, revised, release schedule currently looks as follows:


CB7505 Hunter Sheets: Issue One (SLA Industries Sourcebook) - Winter 2004

CB7506 Cannibal Sector One (SLA Sourcebook Sourcebook) – Spring 2005

CB7507 SLA Industries World Guide 1 – Jacinto (SLA Industries Sourcebook) - 2005

CB7508 SLA Industries World Guide 2 – Xaime (SLA Industries Sourcebook) - 2005

CB7509 Soft Companies (SLA Industries Sourcebook) – 2005

CB7101 Frankenstein Factory (New Style RPG) – Winter 2004






Sadly the White Earth RPG and Sourcebook for SLA Industries has been placed on hold. It was a pet project of Dave’s and whilst all involved would still like to see this book published neither of us can put the necessary time and finances into this at present. The decision was made that SLA Industries 2nd Edition was a higher priority at this time and so we’re bringing forward the development of the new edition of the game. I know this will come as a blow to a number of fans who have been waiting for White Earth for many years. It’s a blow to us too. The concept art that Dave has already done is fantastic and we hope that after SLA 2.0 we will be able to resurrect White Earth with Dave as lead author.





We have already started some of the development for SLA Industries 2nd Edition. Dave, James ‘Grim’ Desborough (author of Cannibal Sector One and the Origins Award-winning ‘The Munchkin’s Guide to Power Gaming’ published by Steve Jackson Games) and myself had a number of discussions about SLA 2.0 both before Dave’s decision to leave the company and since. It was very important for not only Dave but the rest of us at Nightfall Games (Tim, Jared and myself) that SLA was in very safe hands for the development and realisation of this brand new edition of the game. Dave put forward Grim as his replacement to oversee, and develop, the SLA Industries product range. Everyone at Nightfall agreed with this and so James ‘Grim’ Desborough is the new line developer for the SLA line from 2005 onwards. Grim will be working closely with Dave on the second edition which we hope to release in 2006. All of our currently scheduled releases will be compatible with the new edition.







(A SLA Industries Sourcebook)


Written by Dave Allsop, Tim Dedopulos, Rob Wood



Release Date: Winter 2004 (Pre-release copies should be available at Dragonmeet 2004 in December in London, UK)


+ + + + + OPEN TRANSMISION + + + + +

This Corporate document is to be assigned to Sanctioned Operatives with the required investigative and combat skills. Please find enclosed 20 HunterSheets to be distributed accordingly. All 20 Subversives are to exterminated with Extreme Prejudice, and their remains returned to SLA Head Office for identification before any payments are issued.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


“We must lead by example, make the targets suffer before they die.” – Mr. Slayer


+ + + + + END TRANSMISION + + + + +







(A SLA Industries Sourcebook)


Written by James ‘Grim’ Desborough

Price: TBC


Release Date: Spring 2005


Cannibal Sector One.








In this case the primary place of nightmares, the place that sets the mould, the place that haunts the dreams of citizens and operatives alike, a place that troubles even Mr. Slayer.


It is here that legends come of die from Digger to Salvation Tower, the failed experiments and misbegotten children of corporate greed and genetic mismanagement.


It is here that the Cannibals creep and crawl, that the Carrien skulk and chitter, that the Manchines drag their prey to their dark halls of flesh. It is here that the Scavs wheeze and skulk, drawing their mysterious plans against SLA.


This is hell, this is death, this is decay, this is the land of the truly ignored, the forgotten, there is no underclass here, just predator and prey.


Far in this abyssal place there is important work being done and the battle for Mort’s soul is conducted, appropriately enough, in the land of its nightmares.


Dare you brave CS1 or dare you defy Slayer’s orders?


Either way, you’ll rot in hell…


* Comprehensive guide to the people, places and things of Cannibal Sector One.

* Get to know the wall and the people who work there, section by section.

* Uncover the mysterious Sector Rangers and Slayer’s plans for the sector.

* Cannibals, Carrien, Manchines and Scavs revealed. Learn to fear them again.

* Learn about the mutations and hazards of life in CS1.

* Comprehensive NPC guide for use in your games.

* Equipment, weapons and vehicles for use in the sector, not that they will help.

* A new, antisocial, Stormer variant, specially adapted for missions in the wasteland.







Core Rulebook


Original Polish Edition Written by Joe Abrakadabra and Ignacy Trzewiczek

Additional English Writing: James ‘Grim’ Desborough

Price:  TBC


Release Date: Winter 2005


He arrived in the company of thunder and lightning.  Most of us were sitting in the Stone and Spindle at the time, impatiently anticipating his arrival.  The news had been going about for a month before.  It was known that somebody had bought the late Dillon’s old estate, not far from our town.  He was said to be a scientist of some sort, or a professor.  He’d invented something they said.


Through a dirty pub window I was watching a small, black, sombre carriage ride along the main street in the gloomy sheets of rain.  He didn’t care to stop in town, nor to look around and make his acquaintance with the locals.  He galloped straight to his new house, to the lonely hilltop looming several hundred yards over Shalleymouth. 


Soon the town was buzzing with the strangest gossip.  After a week the workers came.  We expected they were there only to renovate the mansion, so it stunned us to see the changes that went on up there.  It seemed as if an architectural plague had attacked the whole house.  Concrete and red-brick walls rose up and cast-iron pipes protruded.  Beside the gothic-styled turrets chimneys appeared, letting out clouds of smoke.  It wasn’t the estate of the noble Dillon family anymore.  We witnessed the birth of the dark, terrifying and nightmarish Factory.


Although we didn’t have the chance to meet our new neighbour, we knew by then he must have been completely insane.  We couldn’t do a thing about it, either.  After a few months our feelings subsided.  Just then the Thing came.  A terrible monstrosity with only passing resemblance to a human in form, it seems to me now that the very semblance made it look so much more repulsive to us.  Before anybody could do anything it massacred Thompson’s daughter and the young Watson.  There was no doubt where the Thing had come from.  Armed with sticks and torches, we drove the Thing back to its creator’s door.  Images of that night still haunt me: the grey clouds; the lightning bolts; the whipping rain, the twisted body of the monster and its eyes, so frighteningly human…and the shot.


At first I mistook it for a sound of the thunder. Instead of the lightning I expected, though, there was blood, as red as our own. It was then when we finally saw Him.  It was the first time he has ever left his sanctuary. He ran towards the thing which was lying there, dying on the wet grass and embraced it, simply embraced it.  We stood there for many minutes, perhaps hours, watching in silence, unable to do or say anything reasonable.


Suddenly he shrugged, looked up at us as if he hadn’t noticed us before at all, and he spoke.  I still remember his voice, full of hate and his face, lit up by the arcing lightning.


‘Filthy ignoramuses!  Damned philistines, bound by our own little prejudices!  You did your very best, didn’t you?  This night you proved your worth.  You proved what you were capable of.  You proved what dwells in your hearts and souls.  I despise you all.  You succumbed to the simple fear of the unknown, such a base fear.  You weren’t looking for an explanation; you were looking for a scapegoat.  I loathe you all.  Do not expect me to spare you.  You shall fear me now.  You shall fear my name and my name is… FRANKENSTEIN!’






If you can not get hold of the back catalogue of SLA Industries books from your local store (please ask them first as they can order them through their distributors) or if you do not have a local store you can mail order our games. We currently have two Mail Order Partners that we are recommending in the UK and USA.

Leisure Games (United Kingdom)

Noble Knight Games (United States of America)

Both companies have worldwide mail order services.

You may also buy direct from Cubicle 7. Please email me on for further information.






We ran a competition in our last newsletter which everyone who sent us information about their local games stores was entered into.


As it’s been a lot longer than expected we decided to have two winners instead of one. I’m please to announce that the winners are the following:


1. Sébastien Boisvert (for sending us Donjon Québec in Canada amongst others)

2. Micheal Elmore (for sending us Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD, USA)


As we received a lot of information through this competition we’re going to give it another shot. Everyone who entered last time (and didn’t win) will be eligible in the next draw as will all new entries received by 1st January 2005.




Send us details of your local store and you could win a SLA Industries book of your choice! For every store we are sent details of up until January 1st 2005 you will be entered into a free draw in which you can win one of our current back catalogue of books (including the Hardback rulebook for SLA) or a copy of Hunter Sheets: Issue 1 or the Cannibal Sector One Sourcebook upon release!


The list that you will help us create will be used to compile a database to allow us to directly keep the retailer informed of what we’re doing and also to direct others to stores in their areas which can supply them with our goodies. It will also form the beginning of our Retailers Page on our forthcoming website.


The details we need are the following:


Name of Store

Full Address (including ZIP or Post Code, State and Country)

Telephone Number

Email Address (if applicable)

Web Site (if applicable)


If you can let us know if they already stock SLA Industries that will be a bonus but is not essential.


Please send the above information to me at and include RETAILER in the Subject Line.






Is largely designed and awaiting my approval, and some more data from me, before we can make it live. It should be on-line very shortly.






The Karma and Mort Sourcebooks are now both sold out with our Fulfilment House. Some copies may still exist in shops or at some distributors but once they are gone that’s it folks. We still have a very limited quantity of the Mort Sourcebook available direct which we will be using for direct mail order and convention sales. Neither book will be reprinted in its current format although I am looking at the possibility of making both available as PDF Downloads. More news as it comes.






If you are interested in talking about SLA Industries please take a look at the following:.


SLA Industries Fan Mailing List:

Station Analysis


SLA Industries Fan Forum:

Team 8


SLA Industries Live Journal Community

Live Journal






We have a number of other projects in development, including some licensed material, which I hope to be able to announce in the next newsletter. The next newsletter will be sooner rather than later – although I’m fully prepared, and deserve, to be ridiculed about the lengthy gap between the last newsletter and the one you read now!


It’s been a very interesting year for us. Some of it has been immensely frustrating whilst some it of has been incredibly fulfilling. I’m looking forward to finally seeing our first books in print and I sincerely hope you enjoy them. If you have any comments at all please do not hesitate to contact me and I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. Your comments are always listened to and I will reply to everyone as soon as I’m able to.


Thank you all for your continued support.


More news next newsletter! Until then stay SLA!


Angus Abranson

Cubicle 7 Entertainment

London, UK



"You are where the forgotten wait."


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