Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Sleep? Sleep? What's That Then?

Well no sleep for me then I guess. Don't know why but I just haven't been tired tonight. I've just pootled around, packed my suitcase, mailed loads of people, surfed a bit, read a bit, and eaten too much shortbread (I knew I should have left the tin downstairs in the kitchen!).

So, it's now just after 7am and I'm getting ready to leave the house and head over to Heathrow where my plane will (hopefully) be waiting to whisk me off to foreign climes..... well actually according to the weather reports it's decidely familiar climes but still, you get the jist :-p

It's not even a long haul so I've not no sleeping opportunities on the plane. I'm only in the air for one hour twenty. That's enough time to take off, have a complimentary drink, and land - with a minimal amount of reading thrown in for good measure.

Guess I'll be making good use out of the hotel bed this evening.

Fair ye well kind reader. I'll start harassing you all again in a few days :p

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