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I'm Back In The City.....

Hi, I'm back and in one piece. I generally had a good time overall and even wrote notes so I could give you guys a rundown of my activities in Germany. Not that they all make all that interesting reading so some editting will be in order.... that's if I can read my scrawl as some of it was written when I was, er, slightly worse for wear shall we say :p

Anyway, I returned to these shores on Saturday early afternoon and took the rest of the day to chill out, unpack, download and answer some of the several hundred mails that appeared, more chilling out, eating good old 'fish n chips' and getting a reasonably early night as I was knackered.

Got up early this morning and went and saw AVP: Alien Vs Predator with daver2323  at the local VUE. First showing was at 9.50am and there was only four people in the cinema and the film was on the largest screen so we had LOADS of space and wholesome quietness during the film which was good. The film itself was very enjoyable. I'd have preferred to have seen a bit more alien/predator action but the human/alien, human/predator and alien/predator action we were treated too was very nice. The film did seem very quick though and could have done with being slightly longer - especially as they tried to do some charactisation and building of a handful of characters who were a bit 'over and done with' too quickly.

Good fun though and certainly reccomended to anyone who enjoys either of the original franchises that inspired it. School Report: B/B+ (Could have done with being longer and more of the AVP that the title suggested!)

Just got a phone call from Sarah whose just arrived back from Amsterdam so she'll be heading over here shortly. That probably means that you won't be getting my first Essen report until tomorrow :p

Highlight of the week: Finding a fantastic Yugoslavian restaurant in Essen. Drinking games with the Transcontinental/White Wolf crew at the party on Friday night. Italians. Seeing loads of old friends.

Lowlights of the week: Being bored and lonely on Thursday night. Seeing Ken Bigleys execution video without editting. Not getting certain phonecalls I wanted.


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