Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

John Peel

It's been interesting reading how much affect John Peel had on so many of people on my 'Friends' list this today. I'm very pleased to see that he influenced so many other people as well as myself, and so many people hold him in great respect for the person he was and for what he gave to the music industry.
John Peel championed new music here in the UK for decades and many of his sessions are legendary not only in this country but worldwide.
The loss of John Peel I feel has saddened many, many people and rightly so. He contributed more than many of the so called 'celebrities' around today - in fact he helped created many celebrities who would never have managed to get their foot in the door had it not been for his own love of music. He helped so many of the 'alternative' scenes spread their music to the masses.
He was, to me and I'm sure many others from the tributes I've read, more important than anyone really gave him credit for in life.
His influence is immortel and through the music he championed he will always be remembered and live on.

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