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Christmas Number 1?

The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks' has been added to the bookmakers list as a favouite to become this years Christmas Number One. This is despite the fact that EMI haven't decided to even release it as a single as yet. The song has shot to the fourth favourite spot due to the fact that it was the favourite song of John Peel who passed away this week. It's odds are currently 14/1 alongside Kylie's new song and a track by Tony Christie (whoever he is?). Other tracks battling it out are Robbie Williams (12/1), Ricky Gervais and Noel gallagher (12/1), Ronan Keating & Cat Stevens (9/4) with Band Aid 3 leading the current pack.

Protest Song

Eminem's new single/video is a brilliant anti-Bush track called Mosh. The video is available on-line and should be getting syndication around music channels and shows about now too. Now I like Eminem at the best of times but it is great to see protest still alive in music. If you've got a broadband connection you can watch the Quicktime video here. There is also a dial-up download but I don't have the URL recorded for that one. It will be on the Guerilla News Network though if you google it. Hell, even Moby (who has had a ongoing feud with Eminem for years) has claimed it is an amazing song and an even more amazing video and has urged all of his fans to go and watch it. Actually the NME site has the video available in both Real and Windows so you now have a choice of formats :-p

Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean II and III

Johnny Depp modelled Jack Sparrow on Rolling Stones guiartist Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean. Now he has persuaded him to actually appear in the two sequels being made (to be released six months apart) as Jack Sparrows father.


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Oct. 29th, 2004 03:06 am (UTC)
Actually, Eminem's video is far more significant than just being anti-Bush. Sure, it's anti-Bush, but the predominant message is pro-voting. That's what make it stand out from the hordes of anti-Bush stuff out there. It makes the link very explicitly from voting to personal consequences. It's great.

Voter apathy is a bigger danger than Bush and Blair wrapped up together with a big pink bow.
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