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Un-Scary Movie

Should really have known better but I went and saw Scary Movie 3 this morning. I've not seen the first two but the trailer for numero 3 got me laughing and as I'm holding out on Big Fish in the hope of seeing it with some other friends I thought why not.

Why not indeed? Firstly because it's pretty damn lame. I won't say that all of the good bits are in the trailer I saw. They're not. There were at least a couple of other funny scenes or one-liners in the film. Only a couple mind.

Some of the films pisstakes were amusing and the play on the films they immitated (Signs, The Ring, 8 Mile, Matrix, etc) ranged from good to goddamn awful.

The high point of the film for me was when the film actually broke down part way through. Yes it was annoying but the realisation that I was going to be able to claim a free ticket for another film because of this (meaning I wasn't now wasting 6 quid) made the rest of the film bareable and also allowed for a well-timed toilet break ;-p

The traliers before the film were equally dull. The only ones I can remember are Haunted House (a new Disney Eddie Murphy film) and some romantic comedy featuring Jennifer Aniston. Neither of which I'm intending on seeing.

Just met up for lunch with kit_hartford  as I bumped into him in Leisure Games and am now waiting for a phone call from Chloe and Guillaume (Darwin Project) as they are in London for the British Toy & Games Fair at ExCel (which I'll be attending tomorrow) and also from serpentstar  who is in town for the day. Hopefully will be meeting up with Serpentstar and heading over to the Voices of Masada gig at the Garage later.


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