Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Poetry) Perfume & Wine

Perfume & Wine


I can’t believe I’m feeling like this

There’s something left hollow inside

Left empty and open wide

So all can see my pain and loneliness.

I can see the stains

Of my tears on the mirror,

Of my blood mixed in perfume.

Who needs to hear lies.


Today is the last day

That I’ll write these words,

That I’ll cry these tears,

That I’ll ever feel this hurt.

I don’t want to be replayed

The moments of you leaving me

Or the echoes of your final words

Over and over inside.


So long and fuck you for everything

I’ll try not to remember any of it

And start to mend what you unfixed.

And if I start to believe it didn’t matter

The pain seems to fade

Just a little by the hour,

Just a piece every minute,

I start to rebuild myself from the pieces you left.


I can’t believe I ever felt for you

As I stare at the stains of my loneliness,

Of my tears on the mirror,

Of my blood mixed in perfume.

As I feel the pain sink through my skin

Of shattered glass,

Into my shattered mind.

Who needs to hear lies.


I lay here ruined

At the heart of your destruction

Torn and bleeding, soaked in perfume and wine

And I know today is my last day

That I’ll ever cry tears

That I’ll ever feel pain

And I’ll loose myself because of you

Hereafter, and again.


By A R J Abranson


(Taken from 'Cry To Me')

Tags: poetry

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