Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

America Awakes

America will be waking up in a few hours and Americans will make their voice heard on who THEY want to be THERE President.
Will they agree with global opinion and global desires? Well, unlike their current President, let us hope the people of America have similiar ideas and desires as the rest of the world.
Todays vote will dictate the next four years of international policy, homeland security, health and education budgets in America, crime prevention and detention, and so much more.
Some of these aspects will only affect the American people and those who live withing her borders. Others will affect every single living person on this planet.
Let us pray to every single bloody diety out there that the right choice is made.
America has had some corrupt and dumb Presidents in the past (Nixon springs to mind in the corrupt department and Reegan in the dumb department) but none have ever been as dangerous as Bush Jnr.
America the world is watching you.
This election is more than just about current internal and international policies but whether the world will continue to look up at America for guidance in years to come. Make the wrong choice and you can say goodbye to world co-operation and leadership. The American people still hold other countries respect - its the dumbass that stole the Presidency from the rightful winner in the last election that doesn't.
Bush Jnr has turned the worlds opinion, and support, of America from an almost all-timne high after 9/11 to what must be an all-time low.
My prayers and thoughts are with you today.
Good luck. I have the feeling you'll be needing it.

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