Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Proof that at least some of the Voting Machines in the US were 'rigged' (or at least wrong)

There's been several stories floating around about electionic voting machine sin the States being rigged before the US Election to give Bush a head start but I've been largely regarding these more as an emerging urban myth than anything viable. Largely because no one has come up with any firm proof.

Until now.

The story behind THIS LINK tells of a county in Ohio which had 638 voters turn out and cast votes. The Official Declaration gave Kerry 260 votes and Bush 4,258. They have looked at the machine in question and don't know what when wrong.

Hmm...... any guesses??

Well I guess I can now start feeling smug with myself in the knowledge I was right about how Bush would win a second term. Not as many Americans are as stupid as some people are claiming - out of the 59,054087 who voted for Bush I wonder how many of them ACTUALLY EXISTED!

(More Voting Machine Contoversy)

Thanks to gmskarka_feed  for the links!


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