Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Iran, Russia, France, Germany, Korea and WWIV - all on US 'Checklist' for next four years.....

Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), has laid out a 'checklist' of 'what the world expects' of America in the next four years. Now I don't know about you but I think he's misinterpreting what the world 'wants' America to do and what it is 'expecting/fearing' it will attempt to do. Now it wouldn't be so worrying if he was JUST a fundamentalist neo-conservative crackpot but he and some of his chums (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and others) have helped write American policy and suggestions for a number of years now....

The seven priorities are as follows:

1. ''reduction in detail of Fallujah and other safe havens utilized by freedom's enemies in Iraq''

2. ''regime change -- one way or another -- in Iran and North Korea, the only hope for preventing these remaining 'Axis of Evil' states from fully realizing their terrorist and nuclear ambitions.''

3. ''the substantially increased resources needed to re-equip a transforming military and rebuild human-intelligence capabilities (minus, if at all possible, the sorts of intelligence 'reforms' contemplated pre-election that would make matters worse on this and other scores) while we fight World War IV, followed by....

4. "enhancing protection of our homeland, including deploying effective missile defenses at sea and in space, as well as ashore.”

5. Washington must keep ''faith with Israel, whose destruction remains a priority for the same people who want to destroy us (and ... for our shared 'moral values) especially in the face of Yasser Arafat's demise and the inevitable, post-election pressure to 'solve' the Middle East problem by forcing the Israelis to abandon defensible boundaries.''

6. the administration must deal with France and Germany and the dynamic that made them ''so problematic in the first term: namely, their willingness to make common cause with our enemies for profit and their desire to employ a united Europe and its new constitution -- as well as other international institutions and mechanisms -- to thwart the expansion and application of American power where deemed necessary by Washington.''

7. Bush must adapt ''appropriate strategies for contending with China's increasingly fascistic trade and military policies, (Russian President) Vladimir Putin's accelerating authoritarianism at home and aggressiveness toward the former Soviet republics, the worldwide spread of Islamofascism, and the emergence of a number of aggressively anti-American regimes in Latin America''

Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China, Russia, Latin America... (Common Dreams News Center; Saturday 6th November 2004)


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