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Short Update

I'm really not sure what mood I've been in this weekend. This is the second post I've written in the last hour (I deleted the first one as I got bored of it ----- which is never a good sign if you are actually 'exxpecting' others to read it too!).

It's been an odd one. I do have next week off work though which could be beneficial. I was suppossed to be going over to France to catch up with an old friend, have a couple of meetings with French publishers, do some shopping and generally have a nice 'I'm Out of Britain' time. But that's not happening now :-(

It does give me the time to do loads of work for Dragonmeet and Cubicle 7 though which is most definetly good. I might also be able to catch up on some of my email backlog that seems to have crept up on me again.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow mornign which I'm dreading. I have a phobia over needles and feel fairly sure I'll come out with at least one hole in my arm tomorrow if not more. Mind you it's better knowing what's wrong and being able to sort it out rather than just ignoring it and letting it get worse. On the other hand I always believed I'd be dead by 30 so I'm living on borrowed time anyway :p

I hope I'll be able to post something more interesting at somepoint. Sorry about all this blah blah blah atm.

Off to my mothers for her birthday in a bit. Should be fun as alll of my sisters will be there with respective other-halves. I've been directed to take 'Pitch Car' over to play after lunch so we'll have a little bit of gaming this afternoon too.

Oh, and if you are a single man living in Britain with a liking for all things Oriental you may be in luck.....Japanese Women Seeking UK Mates (BBC News On-Line; Sunday 14th November 2004)

Anyway, this is me signing off. Take care LJ-land and talk to you all again soon.



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