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Oh, by the way I'm staying....

Looking back at my meager past posts I spotted the one where I announced I was leaving Leisure Games.

Well, things change.

I was well on the way to starting up my own retail business (games and comics unsurprisingly ;-p) as well as the Cubicle 7 Publishing gig. Money was accounted for, business plans laid, etc.

So what happened?

The guys at Leisure Games realised I was serious and came up with an offer to retain my services. It was a very good offer and after a week of thinking about it and discussing it with loved ones and close friends I decided I'd accept the offer.

As such I'm still a Leisure Games employee. This hasn't affected any of the plans for Cubicle 7 though and we're well on target for our first two releases next Spring.

Just thought I'd drop that update here ;-p

Take care,


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