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(Dreams) Mutant Hillbillies vs Mystic Samurai

I had a great dream last night. It all started off at an initiation ceremony for someone with Vivianne and Chris Crowley leading the rites and a couple of other old friends in the circle. Sarah was also there with me, which is odd as she is not involved in Wicca or paganism in any shape or form. Chris was also asking me about my Name Day, which I didn't know but asked Sarah as she is into astrology and thought she might know 'name days' too. But she didn't. After the initiation (I don't know who was being initiated and it wasn't along typical Wiccan lines either but something altogether either more hermetic or eastern) I chatted to Vivianne and Chris and then the scene changed to me somewhere in the States with Dave Keyes and a girl that he knew.

(Cut Scene)
I was investigating something and things started to go abit 'Angel Heart' on me. I met up with a very shady character in a rented 'downtown' bedsit at night with the rain rattling off the roof and windows. He was telling me things, apocalyptic things, something/one was coming and I needed to get help. 'Why Me?' I asked, but he evaded the question and told me that I, and my friends, needed to get to Creole Shanty Town and meet Lady Moonshine, a Creole Mystic who would be able to help.
(Cut Scene)

Creole Shanty Town was a spectacular place. Parts of it were completely rundown and looked like scenes from a refugee camp or a muddy Glastonbury Festival, others like some wild, overcrowded, frontier town and some parts fantastically built oriental monoliths (more on them later).
The first part of the town that we entered was a bustle of activity - mainly whore houses and bars. This was as your entered the main gate (Creole Shanty Town had twenty+ foot high wooden fencing all around it's diameter which seemed to stretch for miles). There were no vehicles here, the gaps between buildings either being too narrow or just too over-crowded to fit anything. We decided to spilt up for a bit to cover more ground so Dave and his friend went off together and I set out checking some bars.
The clientel were a very rough mixture of people. Some wouldn't look out of place in dives worldwide, others were cowboys, hudtlers, hoods, dealers and in-bred mutants (Think 'Wrong Turn' meets 'House of 1,000 Corpses'). The mutants kept drawing my attention, although I tried not to stare and was fairly repulsed by some of their appearences.
I remember walking into one of the bars which was slightly less crowded than many of the others surrounding the stretch of 'road' I was checking out. Their were a number of burly 'cowboys' sitting around drinking, a couple playing some pool and a group playing darts. I wandered up to the dart players to ask them something (I can't remember what - presumably - 'do you know where I can find Lady Moonshine?') and the largest of the three said he might if I threw him $10. All I had was a $50 but I didn't want to argue so I said he could keep the change (me? intimidated? hmm, maybe). He thanked me, pockted the money, and then told me that 'no he didn't.'. 'Oh well, nevermind' I replied, 'You can keep the money anyway'. He laughed along with his friends and said 'You're a sport. You wouldn't have got it back anyway, but you're a sport...'.
I grinned and almost fell flat on my face as he slapped my back.
At that point I spotted Dave and lady friend walking past the bar front, made my goodbyes, and left quickly to catch up with them. They had done infinetly better than I had - they had found where Lady Moonshine lived and hadn't lost any money over it.
(Cut Scene)

We were walking through mud. There were no paths in this area of the Shanty Town. Just mud seperating the little scratch built homes that backed onto a wood. The buildings were pretty much all single-storey and made from an assortment of discarded junk, corrigated iron and planks of wood. Everyday things that you or I would throw away had been collected and transformed into the foundations and framework to homes. We found Lady Moonshine's home. It was slightly larger than some of those surrounding it and had an open fronted 'office' about 6' by 6' at it's front where she was sitting with a faded, torn, poster advertising her skills behind her. There was a curtain at the doorway, but this was drawn back, it's cloth mud splattered and its texture weathered and faded.
Lady Moonshine was an amazingly attractive woman that I judged to be in her early-mid 30's. Jet black hair and a slightly darkened skin tone. To start with she didn't want anything to do with us. She was 'shutting up for the day' but we persuaded her to listen to us. I have no idea what we said but it obviously won her over because she came with us.
(Cut Scene)

Lady Moonshine was leaving Creole Shanty Town with us. We were moving through the crowds towards the enterance again when the dart player I spoke to early turned the corner and, with a wide smile, clapped me on the back.
'I'm drunk!' He said, his breath reeking of spirits, 'Do you know how I know?'
'No' I answered
'Because I said I'd kill a man and all I could do was glass side of his face off before I let him off. I've never let anyone off before. I MUST be drunk' He clapped me on the back again and, laughing, carried on down the street.
(Cut Scene)

Now I have no idea how I got to this bit but it was still in Creole Shanty Town. I was alone, chained up and beaten in a room which resembled something from the orient. It had paper walls, sliding doors, ornamental birds, the lot. It was also very high up in a towering oriental-style building that must have overlooked all of the Shanty Town and for miles around. My shirt was blood-stained, my own blood, mixed with someone else's. I'd been fighting but I'd also been beaten soundly during an interrogation I couldn't recall.
A girl appeared at the door carrying a little bowl of water. She was dressed in a white kimono and bowed to me as she entered. She moved across the room and knelt in front of me. Dabbing my face with a dampened cloth and then letting me drink from the bowl she carried. The water burnt my throat.
It turned out she was an agent of Lady Moonshine's and was here to tender to me. She couldn't help me escape, nor could she say anything about the wheerabouts, or condition, of Dave Keyes or his friend.
Lady Moonshine had evaded capture though and was working on ways to get me out of here.
(Cut Scene)

Hordes of mutant cowboys battling samurai-dressed guards around the tower were I was being kept. Neither side were my friend though. It was an internal civil war that had been brewing in Creole Shanty Town for years. It was pulling the place apart. The samurai were somehow mystical and I had been slipped a little pin that kept flashing colours whenever it felt I was in danger or near an allie. Lady Moonshine was going to launch a rescue bid during this chaos. My chains still hurt and I felt continually out of breath and weak.....





At least I can remember several parts of this dream as it was really good and I really do enjoy watching 'movies in my sleep' and this certainly fell into that category.

When I was a kid (through to my early twenties) I used to be able to 'dream in serial'. By this I mean I used to be able to go to sleep and continue a dream where I had finished it the previous night. I'm really hoping I'll be able to do this with the above. I want to know what happens, I want to experience the adventure, the mystery, even the pain again. I want to know what this 'apolocalyptic' occurence is that Dave Keyes, myself and an unknown lady have been hired to look into and prevent.

God, I love dreams.

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