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Kyoto/Environmental Issues and Opium Boom in Afghanistan

Another success story in post-democratic Afghanistan. Afghanistan has now increased it's opium production by around 66% in the last year and now produces close to the 4,600 tons peak produced back in 1999 before the Taleban banned new cultivation. One on ten Afghans are involved in the business and Afghanistan supplies 87% of the worlds opium. UN Warns of Afghan 'Drug State' (BBC News On-Line; Thursday 18th November 2004)

The Kyoto Treaty is finally to become a legally-binding treaty on 16th February 2005 (see Start Date Set for Kyoto Treaty ; BBC News On-Line Thursday 18th November 2004). But will it be enough or is it too late? Any reductions will help but the world is still going to see a lot more casulties before things stabilise and start getting better. The Red List from The World Conservation Union released earlier this week put 15,589 species down as threatened with extinction (7,266 animals and 8,323 plants and lichen) (Science Counts Species On The Brink; BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 17th November 2004). Thats an eighth of all birds, a quarter of all mammels, a third of amphibians and 50% of all turtles and tortoises!! Water problems are thought to become a major reason for military conflict in the next hundred years and will be the causes for millions of deaths and ass-migrations of population centres. This week also saw articles on the problems of glacier melts in the Himalaya's and in South America. The world really needs to wake up to this problem from National and International Governments and Agencies all the way to the man and woman on the street. It is a problem that faces every single living entity on this planet and goes beyond national/religious/commercial boundaries. If you don't have a planet you can live on you won't have 'National Borders', 'Worshippers of your Gods', or 'People to buy your products and make you rich'!!

World - WAKE UP. Do something before it is way past 'way too late'!!!

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