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Obligatory "Wot I Did At Da Weekend" post

Thanks to everyone who made it to daver2323 's  birthday bash at The Dev last night. I think he was fairly surprised at the amount of people who made it and it was really nice to see some old faces who none of us get to see as often as we'd like. It was a fun evening. Shame I had to head home instead of continuing the festivities at The Slimelight but I had to work today :-(

As it was I woke up ten minutes before I was due in! Luckily I work (roughly) to my own hours on Sundays but it was still annoying.

My rash also came back with a vengeance today. I'm beginning to think that it is somehow work related. Either some sort of dust in the air at the shop or maybe I've just become allergic to work. I wonder if I could get compensation for that? "Sorry, I can't work, I'm allergic to it. Please give me 'x' thousand a year in compensation for lost wages'??? :p

In other news I'm feeling so-so at present. Not exactly "On Top Of The World" (tm) but neither am I delving the depths of misery and dispair. Still inexplicably pissed-off and aggitated but I don't feel as stressed/tense as I have been of late. Still want a nice "out of the country" holiday though but I doubt I'll get a chance at that until next year - and then my "out of the country" trips will probably just initially be work trips to Germany, France and the States. I wanna holiday not a few days abroad working!!! Goddamit..... Hopefully I'll be able to escape to Brazil again in May and meet up with my long lost Brazillian friends. I hope so anyway.....

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