Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gaming Meme

...taken from various people....

1. What is the first RPG you ever played?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Ed. Back in 1984. Quickly followed, days later, by Top Secret.

2. What RPG do you currently play most often?

Hard to say. We rotate a lot so try out a number of different games/systems. Call of Cthulhu probably gets played the most though.

3. What is the best system you've played?

I'm a big fan of Call of Cthulhu.

4. What is the best system you've run?

Best system is different from best game. System-wise Cthulhu wins again.

5. Would you consider yourself an: Elitist/ Min-Maxer/ Rules Lawyer?

I guess out of those three I probably fall into 'Elitist'. But I'd love to know the definition in this case :-p

6. If you could recommend a new RPG which would you recommend? Why?

You have to ask the games store keeper that question don't you!!! The game that got my juices flowing the most this year (in English) is Fireborn by Fantasy Flight Games. Why? Dragons.

7. How often do you play?

Supposedly once a week.

8. What sort of characters do you play? Leader? Follower? Comic Relief? Roll-Player/ Role-Player?

Depends on the game and the group. I tend to be Leader a lot of the time I guess and would like to think I fall into the Role-Player side of things.

9. What is your favorite Genre for RPGs?

Modern/Near Future Horror 'or' Cyberpunk

10. What Genres have you played in?

Name one I haven't.......

11. Do you prefer to play or GM? Do you do both?

I do both. Both have aspects that I really enjoy.

12. Do you like religion in your games?

I don't dislike it. Depends entirely on the game.

13. Do you have taboo subjects in your games or is everything "fair game"?

Depends on the game. Everything is fair game as long as everyone involved is happy with it that way.

14. Have you developed your own RPG before?


15. Have you ever been published in the Gaming Industry? If so...what?

A number of credits, but mainly magazine work so far (The Adventurer, Roleplayer Independant, RPI, Valkyrie, etc). I have a number of playtester credits across a variety of companies too. I suspect I'll see my name in lights within the next 18 months though as a few projects come to fruitation.

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