Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Film Review) The Forgotten

I saw The Forgotten yesterday. It was a film that had intrigued me with the trailers and I'd been waiting to see for the last few weeks (as I kept getting the UK release dates mixed up).
Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) lost her son in a plane crash fourteen months previous. She's been unable to deal with his death and has been in therapy since the accident. Her husband tries to support her as much as he can but she is clining to memories that refuse to let her resume a sembalance of normal life.
Then pictures of her son start disappearing, family photos, home video footage, etc. Her husband, and psychiartrist, both inform her that she's been living in a delusional world for the last nine years since having a miscarriage. She's made-up the whole history of her son, there has never been a baby, there was never a plane crash. It's all in her mind. She refuses to listen and runs away.
In her night-time wanderings she comes across Ash Correll (played by Dominic West) who was the father of her own sons best friend who also died in the plane crash. Ash spends most of his time drunk and has no recollection of ever having a daughter. That is until Tally ends up trashing one of his rooms to reveal paintings on the walls made by the daughter. Ash thinks she's nuts and the police take her away, only for the NSA to turn up to take her off the police's hands. During this time Ash is flooding by memories of his daughter and goes to her aid.
Thus they become hunted by the NSA and the police. Although Detective Anne Pope suspects there is more to this that delusion and sets out to uncover the truth and help Tally and Ash.
The film is enjoyable and generally well filmed and directed. Some of the scenes come across a bit iffy and the whole film strikes you as a kind of extended X-Files episode. Saying that I enjoyed it and would defintely consider picking it up on DVD at some stage in the future. The plot struck me as very fmailiar though and, without telling you the ending, I'm sure I have either seen something very similiar in another film/TV show or read it in a book. Special effects are pretty good as and when they happen and there are certainly a few 'moments' which will make the audience jump.
School Report: B-/C+ (Enjoyable but more of a TV Film than a cinema trip)

I also didn't manage to write up a proper review of Birth (Nicole Kidman, et al) the other day. I'm not going to now either apart from to say it has a very good plot idea but the execution of it is ponderous and very dull. School Report: E (There are better things to do in your life and many better ways to cure insomnia)

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