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I'm honoured - I've just hit 100 Friends

Thank you one and all, and especially thank you to miramanga and ian_wyrdness who friended me today taking my Friends total to 100.

I'm actually stunned that there's a hundred of you out there prepared to tolerate my whinging about politics, life and all things within (and without) this universe of ours. I know I've been rather to-heavy on some memes recently and a little light on non-news content but hopefully that'll be changing soon as I've been very rushed doing other things (such as organising Dragonmeet which is taking place next Saturday - 4th December!) or way too knackered/down to do anything at all.

I'll also be posting another poem or two within the next week as it was pointed out to me by one of my non-LJ friends who chekcs in on me every so often that I haven't posted another poem for a couple of weeks or so. Don't worry K you'll see one appearing soon enough - but I still think you should get yourself an LJ too :-p

Anyways, thank you to every single one of LJ Friends. A milestone has been achieved and the pressure is now on me to make sure that the time you spend browsing your friends pages and seeing my posts is not wasted.  :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend and as always, enjoy the ride!

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