Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

'First Wednesday' Pub Meet

Wow, great turn out for our second 'First Wednesday' pub meetings last night. It was great to see a good mix of familiar faces plus some old ones from years, and years ago.
Sorry to some of my newer friends for a few of us descending into 'do you remember when' type conversations about things and people you have never heard of. Melissa, ukmonty, Ian, Surfer Boy John, Andy O and myself go back between 10-14 years together and hadn't met up as a group for probably the best part of seven years as a collective :-p
Anyway, apart from the above we were graced with the presences of sinbadsilk, pond823, daver2323, Karen, angelalyce, painted_bird, Sarah and Dave K! Quite a gathering indeed.
Whilst various tampon-incidents were taking place on one half of the gathering the other half ended up forming some weird masonic cult that I only now have vague recollections of. Which is hy alcohol is probably a good thing....
We also arranged for a mini-invasion of bmovie next weekend and to keep this "First Wednesday" alcohol abusing new tradition going into 2005 :-p
All in all a great night out with some great people. Thanks to one and all!!!

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