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Spelling Quiz

I am so tired I think I'm going to have a very early night :(

Before I do though I will point you, able reader, to this spelling quiz on the BBC News Website. It's multiple choice and has ten of the most commonly misspelt 'hard' words listed.

I did dreadfully and am not impressed with myself. I'm blaming tiredness though. Honest.

What did I get? I'll let a few of you try it out, post the results either in your own LJ or as a comment to this, and then I'll announce my humbling experience either tomorrow or over the weekend depending when I get some time and see other peoples answers :-p

Sleep well LJ-land!! (Oh, note for Americans, it's the British spelling  we're looking for in this one. I'm not sure offhand if any of the listed words are spelt differently in the US so you can always claim that as an excuse for getting them wrong :-p)

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