Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Dragonmeet 2004 Review

Dragonmeet 2004 has now been and gone. The lat nine/ten months of organising, the headaches, the worry, the last minute butterflys - they all seem to have paid off.
Before the event the trade hall was already overbooked and we had more demo games being run than any other year at the show. In fact we had to turn away both traders and demo games as we had no space left. This was excellent news as it proved that the show was still popular amongst traders and GM's - but how many people would turn up?
Last year we had our lowest attendence ever - this was down to the timing of the convention as the only date we could get was very close to Christmas. Too close to Christmas for our liking, for many traders tastes and, it seemed, many punters. We still got a good turn out but it was no where near as vibrant as 2002. So we privately had a few concersn this year about how many people would actually turn up on the day.

We shouldn't have worried though. On initial estimates we had about 200 more people at the show this year than in 2003 which is absolutely fantastic!!! Congratulations to everyone who came along and I hope everyone had a fantastic day be they a trader, DM staffer, demoer or attendee.

I spoke to all of the traders several times throughout the day and nearly all of them had a good show (there was one trader who didn't but this was mainly due to the fact they were only selling complete displays of CCG's and didn't want to sell single packs. Thus you had kids going to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards which would be about £2.50 elsewhere and being told it was £30-£40 for a display!). Some traders present did more in the one day at Dragonmeet than all four days as GenCon UK which was very positive and we've already had several of them asking to book stands next year :-)

I managed to meet up with plenty of folks during the course of the day. I'd have liked to have been able to spend more time talking to various people but running around being El Presidente of the whole shebang meant that I was on the move and on my feet pretty much all day. Infact the only two times I sat down at any length was for a 'Breaking Into The Industry' seminar I was involve din for just over an hour and when I covered the front door for a bit and chatted with pwca for about twenty minutes.

I also managed to meet up with the guys and gals from Team8 who do a great job supporting SLA Industries, A/State and even finding time to do their own games. Some interesting stuff hopefully in the works there...

I left just after 8pm after we'd emptied the place of the last of the stragglers and ended up heading over to Oxford Circus for some food with sarah. I was famished and rather sore after the days rushing about. I ended up making it home about 11pm and after a much needed and welcome strawberry-flavoured bubble-bath I crashed into bed and slept.

Many thanks to all, and it was very nice to see a whole host of you there (including, but not lmited to..... serpentstar, heliograph, rpgactionfigure, corone, pond823, kit_hartford, pwca, meryc, kostika, karohmed, muskrat_john, silver_blue, cholten99, gbsteve, slev, snesgirlibarhis, incandescens, jonnynexus (all too briefly), luciddestiny, time_for_tea, wyldcard, zenmeisterin .... and tons of non-LJ users :-p)


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