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Well, I could have told you that going to war in Iraq increased the chances of British nationals and interests as targets for terrorism before the war bloody started. It seems that the Foreign Affairs Committee now agrees (Iraq War 'increased terror threat', BBC on-line 2nd February 2004).

I'm also not surprised that Labour have agreed to allow Ken Livingstone to stand as the Labour candidate for Mayor of London. It's the only way they have a chance of winning the seat and can use the victory as a 'feel-good' factor and positive PR. I would have used one of my votes for Ken if he was standing as an Independent candidate (as he did last time) but won't be voting for him or anyone else under a Labour banner for quite a long time I feel. The LibDems and The Greens will probably be getting my votes this time round. I reckon Ken will get in for a second term though. Roll on May.


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