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Question 21 Where Are You?

snesgirl has pointed out that the 2004 40 Questions meme is missing Question 21. This makes her the most observant person I know as I, nor anyone else who seems to have done the meme seems to have noticed this! Does anyone know what Question 21 was? Anyone have suggestions what it could be (and yes, I will answer all suggestions :p) Anyway, right now I'm heading for a quick bath and then off to see The Incredibles! Yay! Today has been bloody hectic at work. We've even recruited Melissa and a guy called James to come in and help out. Sean is off work as he became the father of a baby boy this morning (congratulations to Sean and to Yoshi who also gets my enduring sympathy after being in labour for 30 hours!!! Ouch!) and Genevieve who is out of action due to an allergic reaction to some allergy tests she was having this week at hospital. Oh, and the new DOOM Boardgame by Fantasy Flight Games looks very nice.

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