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I don't feel the need to title every post you know!

Jeezz, I'm bloody knackered this evening. Work has been rather busy the last few days and I didn't get out until about 8.30 this evening. I should have learnt by now that working in a games shop is never restful once you hit December. After almost twenty years worth of Christmas' there I should really know better (and no, I'm not 'THAT' old, I started helping out at Christmas' on my school holidays and weekends when I was only a little Angus :p)

Anyway, I seem to be winding down the day quite nicely after gorging myself on pizza with Dave and am now contently listening to some Bauhaus (Burning From The Inside - probably my favourite Bauhaus album) and contemplating either an early night or getting a bath in before falling into oblivion for a few hours.

Am still going to B-Movie tomorrow night, although I'm hoping I'm not going to be too tired! Am also still intending on going into Camden on Saturday to meet Sarah for lunch (probably Wagamama's) and some Christmas shopping - unless I get pressganged into working which would not be good. Slimelight is still on for Saturday although I'd really prefer not to go as I'm working on Sunday and will have been walking around Camden all Saturday. But a promise is a promise and I need to regain some of my rock n roll lifestyle again :p

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