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Wow oh Wow - Great Night Had (Again) At B-Movie

This week is rapidly turning into one of the beta weeks in 2004 for me. I don't kotw if part of it is because the worries and stress of running Dragonmeet is over or if I'm just having a blinder of a week.

In either case the weeks splenditity continued last night at bmovie  which was absolutely brilliant last night. Great combination of peeple and music (as always!) and I think I ended up dancing more last night than I have done in many months.

I headed down with angelalyce and pond823 about 9ish and the place was fairly empty. I did manage to grab some chocolate and Flying Saucers at the door though (along with three New Years Eve tickets so I defintely  know where I'm going now...) and then promptly hit the bar for my first cider of the night. After telecommunicating, and co-ordinating positions, with Sussie I managed to find her on a traffic island in Kings Cross and she came along and joined in the festivities.

It was great to see gypseymission and bluehelen - I've only seen aron once this year so far (bad boy) and hadn't managed to see him for a hell of a long time before that. He's still as outrageous as ever (despite his aging years - haha Aaron! :p) and still knew how to 'compliement' and tempt a young man. Also caught up with meryc, sinbadsilk, dredd_bob and a host of others (HELLO FOLKS) during the evening between dancing, drinking Smirnoff Reds, chatting with Sussie, drinking Snakebites and Black, more chatting with Sussie/Aaron, more dancing. I probably mixed too many different drinks in my system last night but feel pretty alright this morning (although god knows how!).

After the show I walked Sussie to the bus and then jumped in a cab for myself to get me to my tender bed and some much needed sleep. It was at this point where I had realised just how much I probably had drunk as the cab journey home was spent with me trying to focus/stay awake/not be ill and falling into bed was incredibly welcome.

Absolute stunnign evening with some absolute stunning company. Loved it!

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