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Sorry, mini-outburst.

Once again I'm pining for Brazil and my Brazillian friends. I've just mailed a bundle of them to try and sort out a trip in 2005. I really do miss the friends I met over there and if I had enough money I would seriously consider relocating over to Brazil - even if it was just for a year or so.

I would love to spend at least part of my life living abroad in a non-English speaking country. The only other country I have ever lived in, besides England, was the USA and I was only 12 at the time. I'd love to give France a try too and also Japan.

Anyway, apart from missing my friends in Brazil I've just remembered how cute the women I know over there are (you can tell I'm back in a single-guy frame of mind can't you :p). I was checking one of the sites I'm a memeber of which I use to keep in touch with several of the Brazillian contingent and was browsing through my friends list and all the girls are gourgeous!!! :-p

I just hope I can get there again next year and see everyone (regardless of romance).

Apart from that I've had a quite evening, have a headache, and am probably going to fall asleep very soon or just lay there wrapped in my duvet reading.

Hmm...sounds good....

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