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Old Friends Joining LJ

Hi all, this is really just a heads up for a number of my older friends to let you know that Melissa has finally succumbed to the temptations of Live Journal and got herself an account.

Her User name is melissamilitelo

It's actually been quite an odd few days in LJ-land as a number of my older 'real-life' friends (whom I've known for 8-10 years +)  have been getting Live Journals recently. Apart from Melissa I've also had the following "oldsters" appear recently:

Andy Peregrine corone
Andy O'Hara dodgyhoodoo
Toos Holman weaselbitch

It's nice to keep in touch with old friends as well as new as I'm sure ukmonty would agree. ukmonty still wins the award for being the oldest friend I've had (poor fellow). It has indeed been many, many, painstaking years......

Oh, I also discovered that Adrienne (another of the "oldsters" ;p) has a LJ too over at  gothglitz . You discover someone new all the time round here :-p


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