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Quickfire Round......

1. Tickets for B-Movie's New Years Eve bash have almost sold out and are expected to do so within the next day or so. They are selling the last via PayPal so if you want to go and haven't got a ticket GET ONE NOW!!! Before it's too late and you have to go to another inferior venue (or Charlotte's 21st birthday bash which will be as equally great as B-Movie I'm sure!).

2. David Blunkett has resigned!!! REJOICE!!!! As someone else mentioned this is the best bit of news from the government in a long time. Charles Clarke (former Eductaion Secretary) has now been appointed as Blunkett's replacement. We'll see if he's any good (doubtful but then it's a selection of bad fish) but I'm glad to see Blunkett out on his ass. Wish Blair and a few others would follow suit. Most people seem to have taken his resignation with glee from the perusal of LJs I've read that have mentioned it.

3. New Model Army on friday night! Yay!

4. There was something else but I've fogotten it now. Dammit. I think a reasonably early night is called for. I feel knackered :-(

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