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Juggling Tuna

Updating from work trying to juggle my tuna/herb/cucumber bagette and diet coke without either inflicting stickyness or wetness to my keyboard.

Today has been bloody hectic. I do not like hecticness. Especially when my mood is really not into the 'be nice' to customers, work mates and the world in general.

On the other hand being hectic means I don't have time to think about much which I guess is kinda a plus side to all of this.

Looking forward to NMA tomorrow (so very much) but have no idea what else I'm up to this weekend. I have to work on Sunday but am free on Saturday. Have had offers, have made offers, have no idea what will actually happen though. For all I know I might end up just staying at home sulking.

Was thinking about going to Synthetic Culture tomorrow after the gig but the musical content isn't really balanced enough for me these days. I'd much prefer either the old style Ballroom or B-Movie but choices are limited tomorrow night. Might try and go to Strength Through Joy on Saturday night as I really want to try it out and am really not too keen on The Slimelight these days.

Anyway, just been handed a nice cup of tea so the world isn't all bad. Just 99.9% of it.

Actually more like 99.8% as I'm playing Bauhaus at work and no one is complaining.

Maybe more later when I finally finish work and get home.


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Dec. 16th, 2004 04:01 pm (UTC)
Caroline is actually meant to be DJing on the top floor at S.C. from midnight to 3 am so the music should be better than usual :)

And I cannot recommend STJ highly enough. :)
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