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I was dumped because.....


Well I am now home although I've just had a succession of arguements with Sarah which hasn't helped my mood at all.

I'm being to wish she'd just f**k right out of my life. It'd certainly be easier to forget and move on.

It appears the main reasons why we are now seperate are because I 'flirt too much' and 'have lots of close good looking female friends'.

I admit I do flirt. But I flirt with pretty much everyone unconciously. Be they male, female or cute furry animals. I don't notice I am flrting and believe me if I conciously tried to flirt it would be a disaster. Also, I am naturally a very friendly and polite person. I'm the weirdo that actually smiles to strangers in the street be they the local tramp, some little old Asian granny, or the local bobby. I think a lot of this is down to the fact that I have always worked in a retail environment where you need to be nice, polite and friendly and part is because I was always brought up to be that anyway!

Just because I flirt does not mean I want to shag the subject of that flirtatousness (or however you spell the damn word).

And on the good looking woman front - I'm actually flattered she imagines this. Yes, a number of my friends are good looking but I hardly think they are a threat to any relationship I might be having. My two closest friends do happen to be girls and also happen to be very good looking. Problem is one of them LIVES IN FRANCE and I see her once a year if I'm inredibly lucky. The other I hardly ever see either and to be honest I think I think of her as a close friend but she probably thinks I'm more of a nusiance!

Christ. I'm now f**king highly strung and haven't got anyf**kingthing to do. Sarah is also now not talking to me AT ALL and is refusing to even pick up the phone or reply to texts so I can't even try and sort things out with her.

I really hope NMA tomorrow night is bloody good. I need to get this out of my system and a good dance/mosh pit will hopefully do me a world of good.


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