Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

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Karmic Balance

But on the plus side today -

1. I've been invited as a guest to a Conpulsion 2005 in Edinburgh next Easter which I've accepted. It'll be my first ever trip to Scotland (shocking I know considering my name!)

2. I'll be having a reasonably large sum of money being deposited in the Cubicle 7 account in the next seven days which is good. I sold some shares in the company to raise some extra cash. I've put a fair amount in myself but recently with everything going on 'in the real world' I've been slightly on the poorer end of the scale. This additional financing will mainly go towards print runs and also some of the new development work for both SLA Industries and some of the other lines we're developing or hoping to develope.

3. Several of my Brazillian friends have mailed me back. I now have a rough idea of dates and also offers of crash space which will be great. I really do want to try and make it to Brazil next year and it is starting to look very likely I'll achieve it! Yay!

4. OK, there is no four just yet but there is still slightly over an hour left of 'today' so who knows what could happen.....

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