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Frankenstein Factory - Playtest 1

Well, Dave just finished running the first playtest session of Frankenstein Factory for Andy O, Toos and myself. The verdict? Damn Good Fun.

Frankenstein Factory (FF) is a Polish game designed by the sma ecompnay that produced the brilliant De Profundis. It's in a similiar 'New Style' format which Hogshead made famous through a variety of titles such as Baron Munchausen and Violence! The Polish company (Portal) also produce a range of games which in translation are called 'New Wave' which are all short one-book titles that can be picked up and played quickly.

In FF you each play one of Frankensteins warped creations. One of his 'Children' as such (also called Frankensteiners). Character generation is incredibly simply. 4 Stats and then a choice of three special features which correspond to various body parts. Some of these special features are good, some not so good. The emphasis is most definetly on roleplay and having a good time. Another bonus with this game is that you can't actually die. If the Hit Points on a specific body part go below zero that body part is destroyed and you have to go back to the Factory to be refitted. That involves not only the loss of any special abilites you may have had because of that body part but also rerolling its characteristic stat.

So if you end up with really bad rolls one session it doesn't matter. Have fun, play the game, get shot up and get a new head next session ;-p

Well sort of anyway.

Looking forward to the next playtest session :-)

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